Earthquake Information

We are sorry to say that due to the terrible damage to the inner city and the uncertain state of the building, PODAMO has had to close indefinitely. Although the building appears to still be standing there are serious concerns about safety and it is not advisable for anyone to be inside the premises unless their safety would be ensured in the event of another serious earthquake.

PODAMO means love your feet, “Pod” Greek for Feet and “Amo” Latin for love

PODAMO is where healthy people get specialised pedicure treatments for their feet and have orthotic customisation for their existing shoes to increase comfort, health and wellbeing.

Created to help and pamper hard working feet and bridge the gap between beauty therapy and podiatry.

Find out what is happening with your feet, why they build callus and corns and why they get sore. Our unique 3D scanning technology allows us to customise your existing footwear to suit you and your budget.

Build you own pedicure with our "Tapas for the Sole" menu, you can have as little or as much of a pedicure as YOU like. We ultrasonically clean and steralise ALL our equipment to ensure your hygiene and safety. Our German Podio machine enables us to remove corns and callus with ease and comfort. Followed with a devine massage and finished off with your choice from the Zoya range of Toluene, Formaldehyde , Camphor & Dibutyl Phthalate free polishes.

PODAMO is all about you, experience the worlds best foot care!

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