How long does it take?

True customisation does not happen over night!

We are able to custom fit Formthotics at the time of your appointment. Custom Orthitic Inserts will take approximately 5 working days from the time of your foot scan. High heel customisation will take approximately 10 working days from the time of your foot scan. These are milled specifically to a 3D scan of your foot!

We also understand that many people will only have one pair of work shoes or boots. In special circumstances, for some types of footwear we can customise within a few hours. We will need notice at the time of booking your appointment if this is the situation for you.

3D Foot Scan & Podoscope Assessment    $25.00
Formthotics                                                     $95.00
Custom Orthotic Inserts                              $195.00
High Heel Customisation*                          $295.00                                    *Includes 3D Foot Scan & Assessment

PODAMO can help you have comfortable feet, in fact we are so confident with our customisation we guarantee it!