What's the difference

What is the difference between medical orthotics and PODAMO shoe customisation?

Shoe customisation at PODAMO is for healthy people who may suffer from sore feet and legs. We promote healthy function to prevent further consequences from adaptation to the environment.

Podiatrists make orthotics for people with medical foot problems, abnormal or deformed feet and treatment of specific injuries. The purpose of a medical orthotic is to control abnormal movement and force the structures of the abnormal foot and leg to work in a theoretically ideal way.

If your require treatment by a Podiatrist we are happy to recommend several practitioners that may suit your needs.

There has been a lot of debate about orthotics, running shoes and of recent times barefoot running. The following article written by Team Axarsport gives a great  overview & outlines some basic principles about Formthotic customisation and its benefits for healthy active people. 


PODAMO can help you have comfortable feet, in fact we are so confident with our customisation we guarantee it!