Why customise your shoes

For millions of years people have been adapting to the environment. Our feet are the part of the body most affected. The many bones, joints, ligaments and muscles of your foot have adjusted to try and match the environment-a flat concrete pavement or the inside of your shoe. As we get older the forces of adaptation create pressure on our feet and legs. This combined with mass produced shoes results in sore feet and legs, build up of hard skin and corns for many people.

The solution-bridge the gap! Shoe customisation is suitable for all healthy people to prevent these changes in your body. Because you are unique, it is important to customise your shoes to provide healthy contact, support and stimulation for the sole of the foot.

We take a scan of your feet and adapt the inside of your shoe to meet your individual needs. At PODAMO we have the technology to adapt and customise many different shoe designs. From work boots to your favourite high heels we can give you comfortable, functional and healthy feet. In fact we guarantee it!