Why have a pedicure?

Why have a pedicure?

Imagine, comfortable, healthy, beautiful feet.............

Most of us have something we are not entirely happy about when it comes to our feet. The truth is they are just doing the best they can when pushed into shoes made for the "average" person.

Your feet try to adapt to this environment which can result in sore feet and legs, a build up of hard skin, toes that curl under and corns to list a few. Last year we surveyed 740 women and 95% of them suffered from sore feet and legs, corns, calluses or bunions, you are not on your own! The great news is you can make them look and feel great.

At PODAMO we understand that you are unique. Start with a divine soak and exfoliating scrub, then you choose what you want from our "Tapas for the Sole" menu, our pedicures really are designed for you!

Professional German equipment allows us to remove callus and shape nails comfortably while maintaining the highest possible hygiene and steralisation standards.

Our professional range of Zoya & Qtica products  are Tolulene, Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate & Comphor Free!  Safe even if you have a baby on board and last on average 5-7 weeks!